Adventures || Missing Autumn [Georgia]

For the last 2 years I have made it a tradition to go somewhere new every autumn season. I’ve experienced my first fall last year when I went to Georgia and it was such a beautiful experience. I grew up in a tropical country so normally, we don’t have autumn there, we only have summer and rainy seasons with frequent typhoon visits all throughout the year. Currently, I live in a desert. Which means I still live in a place with only 2 seasons: hot summer and cool summer (with occasional sandstorms).

This year, I think I’ll have to miss the tradition. With my studies piling up like fallen leaves and my bank account looking like a withered tree in autumn, I don’t think I could be anywhere but my room. I’ll take this time instead to look back to fond memories I made last year, just to feel inspired to do something cool again soon.

Snow capped mountains flaunting their glory.

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